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Grilled Wraps & Tortillas

Why be ordinary, when you can be extraordinary?

Our Flame Grilled Wraps just plain look so much nicer than Un-grilled wraps. That’s why.


Grilled Flatbreads for the most delicious panini, or cold sandwiches. The flame grilling imparts a wonderful grilled flavor.

PreGrilled Flatbread Panini

15 seconds to pefection

Just put ingredients on one side of bread (grill lines facing down), and put in oven until bread and ingredients begin to warm. Take out of oven and fold over for a wonderful panini sandwich.

19 Incredible Wrap Flavors

Available in standard & PremiYumm level flavors

With 13 standard flavors, and 6 PremiYumm flavors, we have the widest line of flavors in the industry.

Our wraps don’t stick, crack, or break, and have 60 day shelf life after slack out, or if kept at room temperature.

PreGrilled Wraps

Flame grilled for a striking appearance

Available in four popular flavors: plain, wheat, sun dried tomato, and spinach, both 10” and 12” sizes. Why not jazz up your sandwich standards?

PreGrilled Flatbread Panini

Flame Grilled for delicious flavor & striking appearance. Can make a cold sandwich, or can be heated very quickly to make a warm cheese, delicious meal!

Aladdin Bakers, Inc. is an SQF Level 2 plant. This means that we are independently audited for food safety on a regular basis.

This is an expensive and time consuming voluntary program. The results ensure that you can trust that every precaution has been taken to meet and exceed food safety standards.

All of our products are O.U. Parve Kosher

Eat Out and Support your local restauranteur

We owe much of our success to the countless restaurant operators and owners that trust us to supply them with wonderful products. That being said, bread is only bread unless a creative restauranteur or food service operator puts their recipes to work. Please support your local businesses!


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Why are our products so good? Simple.

We know everyone is an expert when it comes to food. We know your first bite has to be the best to keep y0u as our customer. From the Finest Wraps & Tortillas, to the Most Incredible flatbreads, pocket pita, and bagels made. We carry our tradition of quality forward every time we bake.